Lecture Series

Past Lectures

"Urban Form Dictating the Framework of Church Planting and Evangelism"

Abstract: Understanding our cities' urban form is critical in our approach to evangelism and church planting. Gaining insight into a city's transportation modes reveals how the city was formed and developed. This highlights some of the underlying factors behind why the city has its present characteristics in it's built environment. Transportation and urban form then becomes a determining factor behind population distribution across cities because of the pervasive value system inherent in each locale. Understanding these values systems, who lives where, and the influence of the city's built environment then provides the framework how then we go about evangelism and church planting.



"The Walkable Church"

Description: In the 20th century with the rise of the automobile it brought about a restructuring and reorientation in North American cities. Cities transitioned from being pedestrian-scale to the focus on drivability as the growth edge of cities hurtled outward. Along with this seismic shift arose the notion of the commuter church where it is not uncommon for people to drive great lengths to be part of a local church. However, where is the investment in the local neighborhood? The Walkable Church is about recapturing the grassroots neighborhood emphasis of the local church. What if a church was truly rooted in a neighborhood? What is more people walked or biked to local gatherings? What would that change?